As we grow older, hair loss becomes a common change in our lives. It can truly affect how we view ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Diminished confidence and self-esteem becomes a huge obstacle; attractiveness can even feel like a thing of the past! However, there is a solution: Scalp Micropigmentation.

SMP replicates hair follicles on your scalp to give the appearance of a head full of hair – overcome a receding hairline or baldness.

Scalp micropigmentation is done by trained professionals in a controlled hygienic environment. With the use of a specialized needle, pigment matching shades of your hair and skin is injected to provide a natural looking appearance that will not wash off or easily fade away. At Scalp Ink Design, we use specialty follicle needles as well as organic pigments.

The benefits of this treatment are bountiful. First, there are no false claims – this procedure does not promise to be anything other than what it is. It is affordable, and there is no need to spend money on expensive aftercare products. It is a surgery-free solution with no downtime as oppose to hair transplants. Additionally, there are no side effects and a local anesthetic is used to make the treatment pain-free.

1. A Perfect Shaved Head Look

Scalp Ink Design offers you the chance to get reacquainted with your younger self. Whether you are a sufferer of crown balding, receding hairlines or complete male pattern baldness, this could be just the answer to your problem. Free consultations are offered as well, don’t get locked into a long and expensive process! You can rest-assured with our free consultation that there are no obligations.

The free consultation includes a scalp assessment, procedural information as well as professional advice moving forward. At this consultation we will devise the best plan for giving you that natural full head of hair you desire. Part of the initial process is matching your hair color and deciding on the density of your hairline.

2. Look Young Again

A man takes great pride in his locks and that means hair loss can be a very debilitating occurrence. It can result in a loss off confidence, but this does not mean your confidence should be lost forever. This treatment is the best solution for male hair loss, you could find yourself looking younger and happier with your appearance. SMP is a sure-fire way to boost your self-esteem whether you face a receding hairline, crown balding or complete male pattern baldness.

3. Affordable & Surgery-Free Hair Loss Treatment

Before you consider hair transplants or spending hundreds of dollars on shampoos and tonics, weight all of your options. Choose SMP for a more affordable and low-maintenance solution that results in a realistic look to give you that satisfied feeling you once had with a full head of hair.

It is quick and painless. You will find yourself wondering why you didn’t choose this solution sooner! In addition to fixing your hair loss problem, this treatment can also hide scars. It is a cost-effective, non-invasive procedure that will leave you with long-lasting results.

Scalp Micropigmentation For Women

Scalp micropigmentation isn’t just for men. Women clients are more than welcome and encouraged to combat their thinning hair with this treatment. Hair is every bit as important to women as it is to men, and the loss of it can be just as devastating. It can give the illusion of a full head of hair in as little as two sessions.

It is great for women who are thinning on the crown area of their heads. It can camouflage any surgical scars or imperfections as well. So if you’re looking to regain your confidence and youthful appearance, this is the procedure for you.

Don’t let your receding hairline or hair loss limit your zest for life. Do something about it today. Come check out Scalp Ink Design and conquer the battle against hair loss with this life-changing treatment. Follow us on Instagram