Scalp micropigmentation is a lasting hair loss solution that’s highly effective and non-surgical. Also known as a hair tattoo or SMP, this hair loss treatment works well on men and women who suffer from alopecia, premature balding, thinning hair and scars on the scalp.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

SMP is a non-invasive, drug-free hair loss solution that uses micropigmentation needles to apply dots of a special pigment on the scalp. This creates a subtle, natural look that replicates hair follicles on the scalp, eliminating the appearance of bare, hairless spots.

By adding density to the scalp, SMP hair tattoos make it virtually impossible to recognize bald spots or areas where the hair has thinned out.

Do Hair Tattoos Work on Women?

Yes. Scalp micropigmentation work equally well on men and women who are looking for a non-surgical hair loss treatment. The only difference is that men often have much shorter hair than women, and that means that men may want a hair tattoo that corrects a bald spot or receding hairline, while women tend to seek SMP treatments to address thinning hair caused by post-pregnancy hair loss, scarring or other medical conditions.

When performed by a skilled, experienced SMP artist, hair tattoos look like real hair. Colored to match both your hair color and your skin tone creates a natural appearance that requires minimal maintenance.

Do I Need A Prescription for SMP Treatment?

No. SMP is a non-surgical hair loss treatment that does not require a medical prescription, and there’s no down-time involved. Here at Scalp Ink Design, we have 2 amazing SMP artists, Shiri and Marc, who are ready to help you. If you’re struggling with hair loss, contact us here at Scalp Ink to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.