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tom crusertom cruser
21:35 09 Jul 22
Marc is a great artist. He is fantastic and extremely skilled
Kelly KKelly K
19:47 17 May 22
BIG thanks to Shiri at Scalps, she is amazing! Each procedure is about an hour, it’s fun and interesting in a casual environment. If ya want the appearance of density WITHOUT the hassle and crazy cost of transplants THIS is the way!!#GoShiri!! Thanks partner Marc too!!
19:47 14 Oct 21
Marc did an awesome job. He is very professional and respect my opinion. Place is very clean. For those who wants a life changing. Getting back your youthful look. You want people to stop criticizing the way you look. But ladies started admiring I look so young they even comment my hair is growing.I highly recommend Marc five star treatment. Get your life back, feel and look 10 years younger stop looking bald.Marc, Thank you so much. Happy 👨
David EhresmanDavid Ehresman
13:50 12 May 21
Marc did a great job! He is a true professional. I was a little nervous to get this done at first, but now that it is finished I am so glad I did. Now it looks like I shave my head because I WANT TO and not because I have to. Having a hairline and the appearance of a full head of hair, truly improves ones look. The color match and blending is spot on and no one can tell it is not my real hair, unless I tell them. If you are looking to get SMP work done, I would absolutely recommend Marc @ Scalp Ink Design!
Richard FernandezRichard Fernandez
16:26 13 Aug 20
What an awesome overall experience. Mark is PHENOMENAL!!! He is professional, friendly, and a true perfectionist in the best way. I have been trying to find a quality cosmetic solution to my hair loss for years (hair transplants, hair replacement systems, etc.) and this is the first time I found a solution that I am completely satisfied with. If you are considering a SMP procedure, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marc at Scalp Ink Design. You won't be disappointed!

Hair Loss Options Miami Springs, FL 33166

Scalp Ink Design LLC Offers SMP Hair Loss Treatment Options In Miami Springs, FL!

Hair loss may affect your whole body or simply your scalp, and it can be transient or permanent. It might be the consequence of inheritance, hormonal changes, medical issues, or age. Anyone may lose hair on their head, but males are more likely to do so.

Baldness is commonly defined as significant hair loss from the scalp. The most prevalent cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss because of age.

Some individuals choose to let their hair loss be untreated and unhidden. While others may conceal it with other haircuts, cosmetics, hats, or scarves. You can choose one of the various treatments to prevent hair loss or restore growth.

Talk to our physicians at Scalp Ink Design LLC about your hair loss and treatment choices in Miami Springs, FL, before scheduling hair loss therapy.

Scalp Ink Design LLC is a leading hair loss & treatment company primarily known for our world-class scalp pigmentation treatment across areas in the Miami-Dade County. At Scalp Ink Design LLC, we specialize in performing a variety of scalp pigmentation at economical rates in Miami Springs, FL.

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about our SMP hair treatment services for hair loss options in Miami Springs, FL, from the basics to the in-depth process of scalp pigmentation.

What Is SMP Hair Loss Treatment?

SMP hair loss treatment, or scalp pigmentation, is a cosmetic non-surgical hair loss treatment in which certified professionals at Scalp Ink Design LLC, carry out scalp tattoo procedures. By having scalp pigmentation also known as a bald hair tattoo, one conceals the receding hairline, scars, and bald patches.

However, one must never dream of magical results & we make it crystal clear that scalp pigmentation is a cosmetic treatment, which means there will be no real hair growth.

Why Consider SMP Hair Treatment Over Traditional Hair Loss Treatment Options?

The most frequent question in many clients’ minds at our clinic in Miami Springs, FL is how and why SMP hair treatment is a better hair treatment option over typical medications & hair transplants.

The answer is with other traditional hair loss treatment solutions like medications & hair transplants, the results are temporary & one will have to regularly visit the clinic to keep the results intact. However, with hair pigmentation, one enjoys perks like less pain, no surgery, and permanent results.

Why Choose Professionals For SMP Hair Loss Treatment In Miami Springs, FL?

In Miami-Dade County, people often choose a local scalp tattoo artist or unlicensed company to get scalp pigmentation to save some money. As a result, they suffer many problems, such as various skin infections from reused or unsterilized pigmentation needles, allergies in the scalp due to poor-grade cosmetic pigments, and unnatural results.

Miami Springs, FL

To avoid such complications after the treatment, one should consider certified companies like Scalp Ink Design LLC for hair pigmentation in Miami Springs, FL.

At Scalp Ink Design LLC, our tattoo hairline experts keep extra precautionary measures while performing scalp pigmentation procedures. With Scalp Ink Design LLC, you don’t have to worry about the sterilization & quality of pigment. At Scalp Ink Design LLC, we offer hair pigmentation broadly in three requirements, which are:

  1. a) Shaved Look: To give a shaved head look, our head tattoo experts implant pigment in the bald head.
  1. b) Increasing Hair Density: We implant a tattoo hairline in the hair-receding area of the head to give an appearance of denser hair.
  1. c) Head Scar Camouflage: This scalp pigmentation is to cover the scalp scars.

Scalp Ink Design LLC Offers Best SMP Hair Loss Options In Miami Springs, FL!

Scalp Ink Design LLC is a leading hair loss treatment company best known for its certified SMP artists with years of experience. At Scalp Ink Design LLC, we provide an initial free consultation to our clients & carry out various tests like a keloid test to check whether the client is compatible or not with the scalp pigmentation.

These services are provided by Scalp Ink Design LLC. To book an appointment with a hair treatment specialist at Scalp Ink Design LLC, call us at 844-446-9743 now!

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