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tom crusertom cruser
21:35 09 Jul 22
Marc is a great artist. He is fantastic and extremely skilled
Kelly KKelly K
19:47 17 May 22
BIG thanks to Shiri at Scalps, she is amazing! Each procedure is about an hour, it’s fun and interesting in a casual environment. If ya want the appearance of density WITHOUT the hassle and crazy cost of transplants THIS is the way!!#GoShiri!! Thanks partner Marc too!!
19:47 14 Oct 21
Marc did an awesome job. He is very professional and respect my opinion. Place is very clean. For those who wants a life changing. Getting back your youthful look. You want people to stop criticizing the way you look. But ladies started admiring I look so young they even comment my hair is growing.I highly recommend Marc five star treatment. Get your life back, feel and look 10 years younger stop looking bald.Marc, Thank you so much. Happy 👨
David EhresmanDavid Ehresman
13:50 12 May 21
Marc did a great job! He is a true professional. I was a little nervous to get this done at first, but now that it is finished I am so glad I did. Now it looks like I shave my head because I WANT TO and not because I have to. Having a hairline and the appearance of a full head of hair, truly improves ones look. The color match and blending is spot on and no one can tell it is not my real hair, unless I tell them. If you are looking to get SMP work done, I would absolutely recommend Marc @ Scalp Ink Design!
Richard FernandezRichard Fernandez
16:26 13 Aug 20
What an awesome overall experience. Mark is PHENOMENAL!!! He is professional, friendly, and a true perfectionist in the best way. I have been trying to find a quality cosmetic solution to my hair loss for years (hair transplants, hair replacement systems, etc.) and this is the first time I found a solution that I am completely satisfied with. If you are considering a SMP procedure, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marc at Scalp Ink Design. You won't be disappointed!

Hair Loss Options Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatment In Royal Palm Beach, FL Offers Unisex Hair Loss Treatment Options!

Hair loss is a common hereditary problem people face all across the globe, irrespective of their gender. Many people in Palm Beach County suffer from hair loss with age.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, more than 65 percent of men in the United States suffer from alopecia by the age of 35 years. Back in the day, due to limited growth in medical sciences & cosmetics, there were hardly any hair loss options to treat the balding problem in Royal Palm Beach, FL.

From all the hair loss options in Royal Palm Beach, FL, scalp pigmentation is one of the most painless cosmetic non-surgical hair loss options gaining popularity lately.

Scalp pigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic process that looks like a fuller scalp with the appearance of short hair look to patients suffering from hair loss. It is called head tattoo hair. It is a highly in-demand hair loss option to conceal thinning areas of the scalp.

However, to get scalp pigmentation or a scalp tattoo, consider hiring professionals from Scalp Ink Design LLC for hair pigmentation, especially if you need a bald hair tattoo.

In Palm Beach County, at Scalp Ink Design LLC, we have certified professionals with years of experience in scalp pigmentation to deliver neat tattoo hairline finish to our clients suffering from hair thinning.

Benefits Of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation As A Permanent Solution For Hair Loss Problems!

Many reasons advocate using scalp pigmentation as a permanent hair loss option. The benefits of scalp pigmentations as reliable hair loss options in Royal Palm Beach, FL, are listed below.

1) Quick & Easy Hair Loss Treatment Option

The most prominent benefit of scalp pigmentation as a hair loss option (treatment) is that it is an easy non-surgical treatment. Scalp pigmentation has a speedy recovery time, unlike other hair loss options like hair transplant.

One doesn’t have to wait for multiple sessions to see visible results, nor, need extra safety precautions like avoiding the sun, etc. The professionals at Scalp Ink Design LLC in Palm Beach County complete the whole scalp tattoo process within two-three sessions.

2) Affordable Hair Loss Treatment Option

Micro-pigmentation hair is an inexpensive hair loss option for the majority of people suffering from baldness problems all across the globe. Scalp pigmentation gives quick results in two-three scalp tattoo sessions and is within the budget for most people.

At Scalp Ink Design LLC, we have designed SMP hair rates keeping the budget of our clients in mind. Before initiating SMP hair, we lookout for the best possible ways as per the client’s budget to conceal their hair loss problems.

3) Natural Hair Loss Treatment Option

In hair treatment processes like transplantation, wigs, and medications, results aren’t permanent, and one can quickly figure out the artificial hair.

Royal Palm Beach, FL

However, SMP hair is a permanent solution to say goodbye forever to the embracement caused due to hair thinning problems. By choosing scalp pigmentation, you can add more density to the thinning area of the scalp where the hairline is visibly receding.

The scalp tattoo professionals at Scalp Ink Design LLC are famous for giving a natural look to our clients in Royal Palm Beach, FL, with lesser tattooing sessions.

4) Long-Lasting Hair Loss Treatment

We know that scalp pigmentation is a long-lasting & durable hair loss option (treatment). SMP hair requires no regular checkups to keep the results of medication & surgery intact.

At Scalp Ink Design LLC, we guarantee two-three years of hair pigmentation results to our clients. You don’t have to worry about the quality & longevity of results.

Consult Scalp Ink Design LLC To Discuss Hair Loss Options & Its Treatment In Royal Palm Beach, FL!

We know how a small scalp tattoo session called scalp pigmentation can help you save from the daily embarrassment & worry of a receding hairline or a balding head.

Therefore, if you are suffering from hair problems & want to rid of them permanently, then Scalp Ink Design LLC is there for you. To book a consultation, call on 844-446-9743 & we will help you in the best possible way.

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