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tom crusertom cruser
21:35 09 Jul 22
Marc is a great artist. He is fantastic and extremely skilled
Kelly KKelly K
19:47 17 May 22
BIG thanks to Shiri at Scalps, she is amazing! Each procedure is about an hour, it’s fun and interesting in a casual environment. If ya want the appearance of density WITHOUT the hassle and crazy cost of transplants THIS is the way!!#GoShiri!! Thanks partner Marc too!!
19:47 14 Oct 21
Marc did an awesome job. He is very professional and respect my opinion. Place is very clean. For those who wants a life changing. Getting back your youthful look. You want people to stop criticizing the way you look. But ladies started admiring I look so young they even comment my hair is growing.I highly recommend Marc five star treatment. Get your life back, feel and look 10 years younger stop looking bald.Marc, Thank you so much. Happy 👨
David EhresmanDavid Ehresman
13:50 12 May 21
Marc did a great job! He is a true professional. I was a little nervous to get this done at first, but now that it is finished I am so glad I did. Now it looks like I shave my head because I WANT TO and not because I have to. Having a hairline and the appearance of a full head of hair, truly improves ones look. The color match and blending is spot on and no one can tell it is not my real hair, unless I tell them. If you are looking to get SMP work done, I would absolutely recommend Marc @ Scalp Ink Design!
Richard FernandezRichard Fernandez
16:26 13 Aug 20
What an awesome overall experience. Mark is PHENOMENAL!!! He is professional, friendly, and a true perfectionist in the best way. I have been trying to find a quality cosmetic solution to my hair loss for years (hair transplants, hair replacement systems, etc.) and this is the first time I found a solution that I am completely satisfied with. If you are considering a SMP procedure, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marc at Scalp Ink Design. You won't be disappointed!

Hair Tattoo Hialeah Lakes, FL 33014

5 Facts To Know Before Getting A Hair Tattoo In Hialeah Lakes, FL

Hair loss is a common problem, particularly among males. Various illnesses can cause a man’s hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots on his head. Alopecia is another disorder that may cause unsightly bald spots on the scalp.

A hairline tattooed male or scalp pigmentation in Miami-Dade County may help men overcome the loss in self-esteem caused by hair loss. This method is less invasive and produces great outcomes. Getting a bald hair tattoo to treat hair loss may raise several concerns for you.

At Scalp Ink Design LLC, we are always transparent & honest about our scalp pigmentation services in Hialeah Lakes, FL. We want everyone to feel comfortable before we begin. Therefore, we encourage consumers to ask as many questions as they need. This is a life-changing therapy that should not be hurried.

Hair pigmentation is another term for a hair tattoo. It is a procedure in which dots are applied to the scalp using a tattoo machine. The purpose of a hair tattoo for males is not to restore missing sections of hair. Instead, using a tattoo machine allows the practitioner to create an illusion. The illusion will give you the appearance of having more hair.

When you schedule a free consultation, we will go through each step in depth. Before you call or email us, here are five things you should know about hair tattoos for hair loss.

1) Our Scalp Micropigmentation At Scalp Ink Design LLC Is Permanent

Even though other clinics provide semi-permanent SMP hair therapy, our services at Scalp Ink Design LLC are permanent, long-term solution for hair loss problems in Hialeah Lakes, FL. A semi-permanent micro pigmentation hair treatment will only last a limited time, resulting in patchiness of color on the scalp.

If you wish to continue utilizing a semi-permanent hair tattoo as a cure for hair loss, you must get top-ups every six months. This may be more expensive than a permanent solution. In Miami-Dade County, permanent SMP hair treatment enables hair loss coverage for a long time.

2) You Can Customize SMP Treatments

One of the most appealing aspects of our head tattoo hair treatment for hair loss is that you retain total control. Our practitioners are always available to provide you with personal and professional guidance. However, we always respect our customer’s preferences. We assure you that you will have a particular style and tattoo hairline you want in Miami-Dade County.

Hialeah Lakes, FL

3) Low-Maintenance Hair Loss Treatment

Men who are experiencing hair loss lean towards SMP treatments, simply because it looks wonderful once done and has low maintenance.

We recognize that everyone has a hectic schedule. Spending hours on your hair is not an effective use of time. The tattooed hair follicles will match if you preserve your natural hair to a 0.5 grade so that your SMP therapy will seem natural.

4) A Classic Buzz Cut Hairstyle

One of the most challenging aspects is you will eventually get tired of the same style and need to take a risk and try something different. A buzz-cut style guarantees you this. The shaved head style is popular & never goes out of style.

5) An Investment In Your Appearance

Hair transplants and other hair restoration operations are expensive and sometimes fail to produce the desired hair coverage. Our head tattoo hair treatment is less costly and more widely available.

Call Us To Get Hair Tattoo In Hialeah Lakes, FL!

Many individuals benefit from a tattooed hairline due to the appearance a complete hairline provides. This cosmetic procedure is an investment in your look and how you feel. This is becoming a popular option for those looking for a solution to hair loss problems. This hairline tattoo male therapy is a long-term investment in Hialeah Lakes, FL.

In any instance of hair loss, consider getting a hair tattoo from Scalp Ink Design LLC in Hialeah Lakes, FL. For additional information about hair pigmentation therapy, please contact us at 844-446-9743.

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