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tom crusertom cruser
21:35 09 Jul 22
Marc is a great artist. He is fantastic and extremely skilled
Kelly KKelly K
19:47 17 May 22
BIG thanks to Shiri at Scalps, she is amazing! Each procedure is about an hour, it’s fun and interesting in a casual environment. If ya want the appearance of density WITHOUT the hassle and crazy cost of transplants THIS is the way!!#GoShiri!! Thanks partner Marc too!!
19:47 14 Oct 21
Marc did an awesome job. He is very professional and respect my opinion. Place is very clean. For those who wants a life changing. Getting back your youthful look. You want people to stop criticizing the way you look. But ladies started admiring I look so young they even comment my hair is growing.I highly recommend Marc five star treatment. Get your life back, feel and look 10 years younger stop looking bald.Marc, Thank you so much. Happy 👨
David EhresmanDavid Ehresman
13:50 12 May 21
Marc did a great job! He is a true professional. I was a little nervous to get this done at first, but now that it is finished I am so glad I did. Now it looks like I shave my head because I WANT TO and not because I have to. Having a hairline and the appearance of a full head of hair, truly improves ones look. The color match and blending is spot on and no one can tell it is not my real hair, unless I tell them. If you are looking to get SMP work done, I would absolutely recommend Marc @ Scalp Ink Design!
Richard FernandezRichard Fernandez
16:26 13 Aug 20
What an awesome overall experience. Mark is PHENOMENAL!!! He is professional, friendly, and a true perfectionist in the best way. I have been trying to find a quality cosmetic solution to my hair loss for years (hair transplants, hair replacement systems, etc.) and this is the first time I found a solution that I am completely satisfied with. If you are considering a SMP procedure, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marc at Scalp Ink Design. You won't be disappointed!

Hair Tattoo Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

Everything You Should Know While You’re Considering Hair Tattoo In Royal Palm Beach, FL!

Although hair loss is a common problem, it is still painful. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available, some of which aim to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth, while others aim to conceal it.

A head tattoo hair is the latest cover-up solution you may have heard about. The hair tattoo treatment solutions offered by Scalp Ink Design LLC are popular for concealing hair loss and have a high level of satisfaction in Royal Palm Beach, FL.

Whether the customer wishes to create the appearance of a short haircut or fill gaps in long hair, the practitioners at Scalp Ink Design LLC have worked with various clients and gained expertise in offering scalp micropigmentation in Royal Palm Beach, FL.

Every bald hair tattoo specialist at Scalp Ink Design LLC enjoys what they do and is committed to assisting customers in regaining the illusion of hair. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about hair tattoos and whether they are the right fit for you.

What Are Hair Tattoos?

Hair tattoos, also known as scalp tattoos, may appear to be the same as regular tattoos on the rest of your body, but they involve a different cosmetic process.

SMP hair therapy is a popular treatment option for men’s hairlines and general scalp tattoos. When executed by our qualified experts at Scalp Ink Design LLC in Palm Beach County, the end effect can be striking and shockingly realistic.

Royal Palm Beach, FL

Scalp pigmentation makes your hair look thick in particular scalp areas. A head tattoo hair in Royal Palm Beach, FL conceals scars following hair transplant surgery.

How Do Our Hair Tattoos Work?

Although there are some similarities between a regular tattoo and a head tattoo hair, scalp pigmentation uses delicate needles to place small spots of color on the skin.

These needles cycle 100 to 150 times per second, generating a natural, follicle-like pattern on the scalp. When each needle contacts the upper dermis, a minute droplet of pigment is applied to the skin.

Scalp micropigmentation hair creates the impression of small, tiny dots rather than the smooth texture of a traditional tattoo by placing ink near the surface layer of the skin.

Benefits Of Hair Tattoos

Hair and scalp tattoos offer various benefits, particularly when compared to conventional hair loss treatments. Some of the benefits are:

  1. a) Increase In Density: Although scalp tattoos simulate a buzz cut, they may add density to a longer haircut, particularly in thin places such as the vertex scalp.
  1. b) Long-Term Outcomes: In comparison to hairpieces, which must be changed every few months, scalp micropigmentation provides long-term effects. A conventional hair tattoo will be visible for many years.
  1. c) Affordability: Scalp micropigmentation hair costs vary based on the complexity of the process, the number of sessions required for best results, the ability of the person doing it, location, and so on. However, it is not the most cost-effective method of addressing hair loss yet, an affordable long-term solution.
  1. d) Relatively Painless: Even though scalp micropigmentation is done using a tattoo machine, the technique is less painful than a typical tattoo since the needles only pierce through the top layers of your skin.
  1. e) Brief Recuperation Time: After a bald hair tattooing process, the scalp typically takes seven to ten days to recover before the results are noticeable. In comparison, it can take up to six months for a hair transplant to produce noticeable results in hair growth.

Are You Looking For A Hair Tattoo Expert In Royal Palm Beach, FL?

Our professional SMP hair operator at Scalp Ink Design LLC in Palm Beach County offers proficient hair tattoo treatments. Our firm has extensive expertise in offering scalp micropigmentation hair procedures to our customers.

Our SMP hair service in Palm Beach County at Scalp Ink Design LLC is highly competent. This enables us to evaluate your scalp more accurately and suggest a suitable therapy. Call us right now at 844-446-9743 for additional information.

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