The free consultation provides a wide range of information and advice regarding Scalp Micropigmentation. We’d like to make sure it is the best fit for you.

You will get a complete assessment of your scalp, information about the procedure, and a professional suggestion to move forward. As with any procedure, taking those first steps can nerve-wracking. We understand this and want to make the process as simple as possible for our clients. Whether or not interested persons decide to go forward with our successful Scalp MicroPigmentation technique, we are committed to provide you with a consultation that will be beneficial for you. Contact us for a Scalp Micropigmentation Free Consultation at Scalp Ink Design in Miami Margate and West Palm Beach.

During the initial consultation you can expect:

an in-depth discussion about your hair loss problems. This includes a look-through of our before-and-after portfolio. We will also provide a virtual mock-up photograph so you have a clear idea of what your new appearance would be like. Your shading and follicle pattern(s) will be discussed, as well as your preferred hairline style. We use a wax marker to establish your new hairline, blending methods, pre-treatment routines and after-care necessities.

We will explain the unique technique we use in detail, and answer any follow-up queries. We will also discuss costs and make sure both parties are in financial agreement. Free Scalp Micropigmentation Consultation at Scalp Ink Design will provide answers for all your hair tattoo questions.

Now that you have a full view of all that can be expected before and after your Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss treatment – the only solution that has lifetime results – we at Scalp Ink Design look forward to consulting with you.

How Scalp Micropigmentation Works

Imagine a perfectly shaved head or fuller head of hair produced by a simple procedure where thousands of Micro-Pigment dots expertly applied by our skilled practitioners, merge together to create a youthful look that will put the spring back in your step. You won’t have to worry about a mismatched appearance, as our specialized technique allows the pigment to blend naturally with your existing hair, creating a look that everyone will admire and that you can be proud of. Everyone will want to know how you did it and will believe it is your real hair. Plus, they won’t ever to think otherwise, because you will always have this amazing new look, year after year.

Get started today! Why wait to turn your life around? Turn back the clock and get your healthy-hair appearance with Scalp Micropigmentation. Scalp Ink Design’s expert practitioners are ready to help you!